WORST FILMS OF 2019! Really funny stuff to cheer you up a bit during confinement coronatimes

I willl summarise it for you ! (Te Lo Resumo) Worst films of 2019

The power of parody as a way of reviewing a film with a laugh.

There’s this young Argentinian, Jorge Pinarello, who is the creator of a very amusing Youtube channel named Te Lo Resumo Así Nomás (I will summarise it for you, just like this) where he sums up movies, making fun of them. It’s just another way of doing a review, isn’t it? He underlines the weak points of a movie, every flaw, and makes us laugh on the way.

He does it in Spanish, but a few of his works have English subtitles, in case you are interested. Like this one, where he reviews what he thinks are the worst movies in 2019. Masterful.

More on parody? Please check “How It Should Have Ended”: The Amazing (Super) Power of Parody

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