Film Blocking, What is it?

Film Blocking Studio Binder -

Film blocking and staging mean choreographing the actors and the camera in a given scene in a way which develops and pushes the film narrative forward.

It’s never guided solely by aesthetics, and if it is, it’s wrong, That’s why so many films have an intriguing, even smashing, trailer but then the real film does not deliver. Because film blocking is about storytelling and to do so the right way, first you need to have a good scene which is part of a good story, and then find the right way to tell it. Sounds simple but it’s the most complex of endeavours.

Yes, of course, aesthetics play its part. But it’s really about meaning. Better learn this.

Below, a couple of videos from Studio Binder, plus one link.

First, an example of film blocking and staging by Francis Ford Coppola in The Godfather, which is elaborated but simple and as powerful as the film itself. Then more about film blocking.

More about film blocking and staging:

Plus an extra link to more samples of how to block and stage a scene.

Congrats on a fine job, Studio Binder.

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