Fantastic Material from the Original STAR WARS + Great Parody Stuff

Star Wars parody: Robot Chicken and Hishe -

Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill and Peter Mayhew rehearsing a scene on the Star Wars‘ set, aboard The Millenium Falcon, and having a laugh. Alec Guiness, our beloved Obi-Wan, is there too, but he seems to be thinking “What the hell am I doing with this bunch of kids?”.

The title of the video below is misleading: most of it is about to the original Stars Wars film, and it’s first-class. It’s a short video (3 mins) and only a very small portion of it is about The Rise. The most and the best of it is unexpected material from the first Star Wars film. Cool material.

Star Wars and its Haters.

The Internet created a new reality with lots of wonderful things. But it created haters too. It must be a very well rewarded profession and a very fecund one as there are so many.

I hate haters, but I love criticism. I’m not a big fan of Star Wars after the first trilogy, but I respect what George Lucas and the new filmmakers tried to do. It seems that some succeeded (JJ Abrams’ The Force Awakens was a success). Abrams has a great résumé but I prefer his first Star Trek instalment, his Mission Impossible film, his TV series Lost and Alias, to his work on Star Wars. But that’s the choice I make. As a (very small time) filmmaker myself, I’m amazed at the amount of work and pressure that the creators of a Star Wars film must endure.

JJ, they loved you when you did The Force Awakens, but now, with The Rise of Skywalker, that love has been taken away. Carry on, man. It comes and goes.

Let’s visit a very sore point inside the Star Wars canon: Jar Jar Binks didn’t work at all, but, seriously, do we need to make this actor’s (who did his best) life a living hell because of it?

But still, I love criticism. And I particularly like it with humour. The Hishe bunch are very good at it.


Hishe is about parody. Wonderful parody.

Robot Chicken

Robot Chicken is not about criticising but about exploring all the surrealistic possibilities that can spring out of, in this case, Star Wars. They do it masterfully. Three great samples, below. Great fun.

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