“How It Should Have Ended”: The Amazing (Super) Power of Parody

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Parody is an Excellent Tool for Criticism.

In another post, this one in particular, I recommended the “Honest Trailers” as a way to analyse movies: by making fun of plot holes, inconsistencies and poorly scripted scenes, they review a movie… In a hilarious way.

How It Should Have Ended

These guys, Hishe as they call themselves, make a parody of most films, with great animation, proper scripts and a whole crew to do the job. Some of their parodies are masterful.

Infinity War

How “Avengers: Infinity War” Should Have Ended.

This is one of their best works, their take on Avengers: Infinity War (2018), especially the first 5 minutes.

“Venom”: a Film Trailer Parody

Let me throw you this at you. A parody of a film trailer.

First, I’ve included the original trailer of Venom (2018), then, the parody. It’s very short and very good.

“Like a Turd, in the Wind”

I didn’t make up this title, I promise. This is the real thing.

And the parody…

How the “Venom” Trailer Should Have Ended

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