No Small Parts

no small parts -

Have you ever seen an actor or actress in a movie, you know instantly that you’ve seen him or her many times before, but can not remember a single time you did?

Those “unknown” actors, who fill the spinal cord of many movies, seem sometimes to be fully ignored by audiences and deeply recognised at the same time.

Finally, someone drew his attention to them and did it in a fantastic channel which pays homage to those guys and girls, actors and actresses, who are always there. They never hit the headlines but they are an intricate part of all the filmmaking magic in your life.

Check this:

So now you know.

Let’s watch another piece.

I give you -well, Brandon Hardesty does- Vincent Schiavelli, one of those character actors that you love even if you don’t know it.

“When a great artist lives inside a big man his soul will remain eternal”.

Thanks, Vincent.

And thanks, Brandon and No Small Parts -now known as Supporting Actor Spotlights and The Back Focus– for placing these great, sometimes ignored, artists under the spotlight.

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