Best Screenwriting Books: McKee’s STORY (1)

I’ve attended Robert McKee‘s seminars at least 4 times (if memory serves me) and I’ve enjoyed it thoroughly on every occasion. I was always there with a project under my arm, confronting his ideas with mine, using McKee’s wisdom as […]

Best Screenwriting Books: Field’s SCREENPLAY

‘I don’t even really understand the second act,’ a filmmaker said to me just last week. He obviously hadn’t read Syd Field’s Screenplay, which is nothing if not about act structure: the first, second and third acts, but also the inciting […]

Screenwriting Tech

Screenwriting tech can be a very annoying thing. Is it really useful? Is it worth the money? Or maybe it’s just about sitting and writing? It’s up to you. Below you have all the info you may need about screenwriting […]

Screenwriting Lessons from Stephen King

Top horror writer Stephen King knows a few tricks in the trade. Let’s take advantage of him and benefit from his experience by reading 17 Must Read Screenwriting Lessons From Stephen King. Two samples here:   About Pacing And Killing Darlings […]

Barry Sonnenfeld: Memoirs of a Neurotic Filmmaker

There are not many filmmakers’ biographies as entertaining and engaging (and sometimes crude) as Barry Sonnenfeld, Call Your Mother: Memoirs of a Neurotic Filmmaker. Before becoming a director of successful films like the Men in Black series and The Addams […]