Ten Amazing Discussions on Screenwriting and Filmmaking from the Masters of Cinema

Steven Spielberg - Ten Amazing Discussions On Screenwriting And Filmmaking From The Masters Of Cinema - thescriptblog.com

A selection of very of talented film and TV makers talking about their craft. What could be better?

The first video shows selected screenwriters discussing writing. My favourites? William Goldman (just a touch of him here, check William Goldman speaks for more)

and  Fay Kanin and his Most Embarrassing Moments story. If you feel compelled to look for the complete interviews on Youtube, you’ll be a wise person.

Steven Spielberg’s talk is deeply felt and touching. He always seemed to me a shy kind of person but here, for some reason, he sounds relaxed and happy to talk about things he really cares about. Cecil B. Demille, westerns, 8mm cameras with a turret, toy train wrecks… Really worth watching.

Enjoy it all at Ten Amazing Discussions On Screenwriting And Filmmaking From The Masters Of Cinema.

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