The World of Movie Posters

World of Movie Posters -

Movie posters are complex entities. Occasionally they are works of art, but this is not their main goal. The mission of a film poster is another: to sell a concept, an image, a title, a tag line, a movie to an audience.

Welcome to the amazing world of movie posters (mostly American).

Let’s learn the basics about film posters from someone who knows a great deal about them, Polish renowned artist Tomas Opasinski.

Tomasz Opasinski‘s Interview: On Movie Poster Design

Here you’ll find more about Opasinkski and the making of movie posters.

Movie Poster’s Colour Schemes

Behind every poster there’s a lot of thinking and a few hidden keys. James Verdesoto tells us about it.

The 25 Best Movie Posters

What follows is a celebration of some the best movie posters: Click here to see what could be “The 25 Best Movie Posters” ever.

Movie Poster Cliches

Has it happened to you, when you watch a movie poster, that you feel you have seen it before? This is a summary, clever and very revealing visually, of movie posters cliches:


Alternative Movie Posters

New graphic artists from all over the world have decided to try a new take on classic films, creating alternative posters, with amazing results and very high quality.

Pulp Fiction Minimalistic Poster by Norrobey - The Script Blog

Check MoviePosterPorn, minimalist-movie-posters, minimalist-movie-posters2.

Stars Wars Episodes I, II, and III Minimalistic Posters by Olly Moss
by Olly Moss

Case Example: Back to the Future Alternative Posters

This a selection (a tiny one, there’s thousands) of Back to the Future-inspired new posters:

Finally: Make a Movie Poster Yourself!

The following post from Studio Binder will guide you if you need to make a movie poster yourself: How to Make a Movie Poster [Free Movie Poster Credits Template].

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