Practical Effects in Film — How Filmmakers Do It For Real

An_American_Werewolf_in_London - practical effects in movies -

If you like what follows, don’t praise me. I’m just the messenger here.

This piece is to celebrate a great post by Studio Binder about practical effects in film that I felt I had to share. The videos are from a variety of authors, so they deserve praise too.

Check the original Studio Binder‘s post here.

In a time when not all CGI looks convincing and sometimes gets even tiresome, it’s good to remind ourselves of the power of practical effects.

Here, I’m reproducing only 3 videos, but in the original post you’ll find 10 of them.

Below, video number one, an excellent 10-minute work from Cinefix portraying the Top 10 Practical Movie Effects of All Time. Great stuff.

The Dark Knight Rises

Have a look at the amazing use of models in one scene of Christopher Nolan’s 2012 flick.

An American Werewolf in London

Last but not least, the complete werewolf transformation scene from the 1981 John Landis’ classic horror comedy. Still a landmark.

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