Visual SFX at their Very Best

Visual Special Effects at their Very Best -

A Winning Poker of Videos about Visual Magic.

Get ready for a great batch of videos on the subject.

Video Number One:

Every Best SFX Oscar Winner ever strung together in a symphony of visual wizardry:

Video Number Two:

Amazing Before & After Hollywood VFX Part One: Game of Thrones, The Hobbit, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, Guardians of the Galaxy…:

Video Number Three:

Amazing Before & After Hollywood VFX Part Two: 1.Deadpool – 0:19 2.Batman v Superman – 2:16 3.Warcraft – 3:51 4.Captain America – 5:28 5.Jurassic World – 6:40 6.Game of Thrones – 8:14 7.Godzilla – 9:43 8.Gravity – 11:16 9.Life of Pi – 12:51 10.The Wolf of Wall Street – 14:17

+ Video Number Four: 

Last but not least: Behind the Scenes of Fast and Furious 7. Amazing rigging of the cars!:

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